While bad weather is unavoidable, it doesn’t have to add too much time or the nuisance of extra rainwear to your bike ride. Bikertop acts as a quick solution to keeping dry during inclement weather. Each unit fits neatly on the front of most bikes and deploys quickly from its case.

The light and compact design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble quickly. Simply unzip the case, lock in the side bars, and pull up the and secure the shield for a safer drier ride. BikerTop also collapses into its case almost as quickly as it pops up. 

The BikerTop keeps your head and front covered while leaving your hands and legs free. A clear window much like a car windshield as well as the open sides allow a rider to maintain visibility.  Innovative and functional Bikertop allows biking enthusiasts and commuters a convenient and practical way to stay dry when biking in the rain.

It works by using the natural effects of aerodynamics. It keeps riders dry while traveling up to 21.5 mph (30kmh). It’s been tested at 50kmh. At most biking speeds, the shield breaks the rain path and the air current generated by the bike pushes it away from the rider. It holds up well under most conditions. While the occasional crosswind may allow rain to get through, it still performs better than most rainwear with less hassle.

BikerTop provides better protection than other available bike covers paired with greater durability:

  • Instant opening (10-15 seconds)–after the first assembly, it is always ready on the bicycle. It can be used on every kind of bicycle.
  • BikerTop has a stable aluminum structure so wind doesn’t affect the stability.
  • The newest version has side wings (to combat rain from the sides). The whole body is covered except the biker’s feet, for which we suggest to use feet covers.
  • When the BikerTop is deployed the storage bag rests under the cover for use to protect belongings from the rain.

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