Cycling sheltered from the rain.

The idea of BikerTop® was born from a realization that a primary obstacle for bicycling is the fact that this means of transportation is exposed to weather conditions – when it rains its use is drastically reduced.
With BikerTop® we aim to increase the use of bicycles even more throughout the whole year and in all weather conditions.

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How does BikerTop® work?

An innovative technical solution.

This is a technical solution that we have recently patented in Italy. We are now extending the patent internationally.

Other types of covers already exist in the marketplace, released in the past few years, but this is the only system that allows instant opening and closing. Just like what we do when we walk down the street and it starts to rain – we take out our umbrella, open it and when it stops raining we close it. This is all done with few and simple movements.

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The BikerTop ® benefits

1. Simple to use

it is designed to be easily used by anyone.

2. Very quick

it opens and closes within 10 to 15 seconds

3. Safe

it is able to protect from the rain, yet at the same time it guarantees stability on the road.

4. Aesthetically beautiful

it is a fashionable object to add to your bicycle or e-bike.

We are testing BikerTop®

So far we have already built some initial prototypes using rapid prototyping with 3D printing technology. We are currently testing BikerTop® with potential customers and with laboratory tests to certify and approve the final product.

We have already attracted attention…

BikerTop® began to attract attention in 2017 by being among the finalists of the “Start Up Euregio” award in Innsbruck, Austria. It then won the “Seed Money” call from the Autonomous Province of Trento, and obtained a first portion of the funding.

The Product Development

The product development is currently taking place in Italy, between Bolzano and Rovereto (within the “Progetto Manifattura di Trentino Sviluppo” project).

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